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Your Doula's Journey


I hope you are having an incredible day; and let me start by saying, "thank you for taking the time to read this."

My story is long, and as I’m thinking on the objectives that I am confident I’ll achieve with my constant faith, hard work and perseverance, I’m also trying to find the right words and the best way possible to articulate them. There is a lot to say and share, yet the best way to summarize it is with eight words: “have faith, work heartily, and never give up.”

I came from Colombia - the land of coffee. I used to work full time in order to be able to pay for my education and also help my mother with the house expenses. Nevertheless, the desire of helping others was greater than the financial challenges I faced.

I still remember that in 2010, and as an Au Pair, I arrived for the first time in the USA with one suitcase and thousands of dreams. But, what is an “Au Pair”? Well, it is a french term which basically means, a live-in nanny. I was a nanny for 4 years which taught me a lot about the beauty and toughness of motherhood. While being an Au Pair , I literally felt as if I was going to “how to be a mom” university. I totally, and without a doubt, experienced what it is to be a mom. I took care of a newborn, a toddler, a middleschooler and a teenager -which for me was the hardest of all.

Moreover, besides working as an au pair, I decided to join a college and saved for a couple of classes. I got very involved with the local community and college. One day, I received one of the happiest news (which also ended up changing completely the course of my life), Germanna Community College opened its doors to me and gave me the honor and the opportunity of being one of its students. During all that time, I also had a best friend who later became my boyfriend, my fiancé, and my husband.

After graduating from College, I got married and I had to move to NC. In 2016, I decided to get certified in Holistic Healing with Auburn University. And at the same time, I was learning a lot about birth and doulas through one of the ladies from my volunteer group at church who has been a doula for a long time. But, it was until I supported my two best friends’ childbirth that I decided to become one (Doula).

Through those very powerful and unique experiences, God made me realize how much my heart rejoices through empowering, encouraging, helping and supporting women through the toughest and most demanding times of their lives. And, the thought that I could help and support any woman anywhere in the world just overwhelmed my heart with joy!

Now, I am a certified Birth Educator, Holistic Healer, Doula and Fertility Awareness Advocator loving helping other women through their most precious and unique journey in their lives. However, it is for sure that God already give you the tools and body to overcome the challenges of childbirth. So to finalize, I know God just brought me into your picture to remind you how strong and powerful you and your body are, and to support you with the knowledge that I adquired.

It is an honor and a blessing to help and serve you!

Dayana Harrison

Birth Services

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