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Body Ready Birth

Reclaiming your body's wisdom for birth!

Unlock an empowering and transformative journey through childbirth with our dynamic workshop, carefully crafted for both the birthing individual and their partner. Dive into a hands-on learning experience where you'll actively shape your birth story with confidence and support. Join us to become a well-prepared and inspired participant in the incredible journey of bringing new life into the world.

Save Your Spot and get ready for birth!

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Body Ready Birth Preparation

Functionality You, Your Partner and Your Baby Will Love!


Revolutionary birth tools for you and your partner

Prepare for a fulfilling birthing experience with our program, grounded in evidence-based best practices proven to enhance birth outcomes. We focus on nurturing both physical and emotional well-being, fostering meaningful communication between partners, and ensuring seamless coordination with your birth team. Embrace a more positive journey into parenthood, supported by knowledge and care every step of the way.


Create muscle - brain connections

Ensure you are thoroughly prepared for childbirth with our focused training that equips your mind to precisely recall how to optimally expand the pelvis at each level, whenever needed. Even amidst the uncertainties of labor, you'll possess a clear, practiced plan to confidently navigate through each stage of the birth process.


Learn how to open your pelvis

Master the art of pelvic mobility with our specialized training that empowers you to move and control your pelvis across all three levels intentionally. Learn to adeptly open your pelvis in response to your body’s needs and your baby's position, ensuring a smoother and more personalized birthing experience. Embrace this skill to navigate childbirth with confidence and precision.


Prevent common birth injuries

Many conventional birthing positions inadvertently constrict the bottom of the pelvis, complicating delivery with harder pushing and increased risks of tearing, pelvic floor damage, and incontinence. Our expert-led sessions teach you how to adopt positions that keep the bottom of your pelvis open during pushing, significantly reducing the likelihood of injury and making your birth experience safer and more comfortable.

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Introductory Price $225 + $25 Materials until May 31st

Workshop Investment:
$300 per couple

Includes curriculum materials and unlimited access to Body Ready Birth practice prep videos and content.

Explore Functional Techniques

To naturally enhance your baby's positioning and progress, paving the way for a smoother, more efficient birth experience. Join us and unlock the secrets to a harmonious delivery.


Embark on a journey to harness the innate capabilities of your body, designed meticulously for the process of childbirth.

Rediscover Your Body’s Instincts

Prepare for childbirth by exploring the most effective birth positions in advance. This proactive approach allows you to intuitively navigate through the positions that your body naturally seeks during labor.

Get your partner ready

Equip your partner with the knowledge and skills they need to be an effective support through every stage of labor. Together, you'll explore hands-on techniques and delve into the essential science behind childbirth, ensuring they are fully prepared to help maintain your comfort and confidence as you progress towards delivery.

Enhance Pelvic Functionality

Develop greater mobility in your pelvis to proactively tackle the common musculoskeletal challenges that can delay labor. Our targeted exercises prepare you to address these issues head-on, promoting a smoother labor process.

Strategically Prepare Your Pelvis

Our unique training involves conditioning each of the three pelvic levels differently, enabling you to move strategically. This creates optimal space for your baby, exactly where it is needed.

Empower Your Birth Experience

Take command of your birthing experience. Your pelvis isn’t just a structure; it’s a dynamic, shape-shifting entity with joints designed to move and expand in many ways.

Master Pelvic Movement

Learn to unlock and access these crucial movements well before your due date. Our guidance helps you to not just anticipate, but also actively manage how your body adapts during childbirth.


Join me and transform your and your partner's understanding of what your body can do. Step into your birthing time with confidence, equipped with knowledge and skills to navigate this natural yet profound journey.

Let’s Prepare for Birth Together

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