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Resources For Families in Okinawa

This is a resource list for families located in Okinawa, Japan. It contains information about different free courses and classes offered at the different military bases as well as some other local resources such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. 

**If you know of a new resource not listed, I truly will appreciate it if you can share it so it can be added to the list.


Perineal Massage Handout

A quick reference guide to perineal preparation for childbirth. It will help prepare your perineal fascia and tissue for childbirth. 

For more in-depth understanding and preparation, book a balancing and Holistic Pelvic Wellness For Pregnancy session.


Lactation Resources in Okinawa


A guide and resource for parents seeking help or more information during their lactation journey.


Placenta Services Handout

In recent years, placenta consumption has become more common, and people, midwives, and some research may show that there are some benefits. Dayana Harrison Birth Services offers different Placenta Services and packages.


Home Birth Supplies For Families

A quick resource for parents and birth professionals seeking guidance on what to prepare, purchase, or have ready for their birth at home. It is highly recommended to have your home birth supplies ready by 36 weeks. Finally, your midwife will bring to your home the rest of the supplies needed for a homebirth; nonetheless, please double-check with your own provider.


Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy

A guide and resource for parents seeking help to quit smoking during pregnancy.


Body Ready Method®

A comprehensive and fantastic online exercise program created by a birth worker, exercise physiologist and movement specialist. It is designed to prepare your body to have an optimal birth and postpartum recovery experience which will be applying Body Ready Method® principles to support you in the comfort of your home. Finally, contact me for a special USD10 discount code. 


Birth Settings in Okinawa

A quick reference guide to help you understand the differences between birthing locations and your options.


Doulas and Labor Support Handout

This a client handout for parents and birth professionals seeking guidance on what a doula is, what labor support is, the evidence on its benefits and cons, and what a doula does not do in comparison with a midwife. 


Midwives Preventing Gestational and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity

A resource for parents and birth professionals seeking to understand how midwives' practices can significantly influence short- and long-term gestational and newborn


Expecting Couple
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