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Organic Raspberry Leaf Tincture


A wonderful addition for birth preparation or postpartum recovery. It is a powerful and traditional herb for the reproductive tract used for centuries during the childbearing years.


Raspberry leaf is reported to be frequently used and recommended by midwives and herbalists during pregnancy and labor to strengthen and tone the uterus, assisting contractions and preventing hemorrhage. In fact, according to Rojas-Vera et al. (2002), "laboratory studies which include in vivo and in vitro experiments on a variety of animals, tissues, and organs, demonstrate that raspberry leaf contains active constituents that have both relaxation and stimulatory effects on smooth muscle."


Raspberry Leaf is most commonly used to:

- Increase fertility in both men and women.

- Prevent miscarriages and hemorrhage.

- Ease morning sickness.

- Reduce pain during labor and after birth.

- Provide safe and speedy parturition.

- Help deliver the placenta.

- Assists in the production of milk


Moreover, its reported benefits are more than those. For example, it is a great aid to:

- Tone other tissue, such as pelvic floor muscles, during postpartum as a sitz bath.

- Replenished iron-poor blood, especially when combined with Nettle (find it in the shop)

- Aid the body in lowering blood sugar levels.


And finally, it is a fantastic mouthwash for sore throat, canker sores, gingivitis, tonsillitis, and infected gums.


It is handcrafted with organic leaves and the best ingredients and includes a beautiful plant profile handout with in-depth information about raspberry leaf. 

Raspberry Leaf Tincture

  • When checking out, it will only let you select Okinawa and Japan.  Please fill in your information with your APO Box.

    Every Wednesday at 12:00 pm is pick up day at Kadena BX or you can pick up at my location. 

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