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What is TENS?

"TENS is a non-drug, or non-pharmacological way to help manage pain. You can buy TENS units online or at a local drugstore. I picked this one up from the Walgreens down the street from me and it cost about $30. TENS consists of a handheld, portable device that is connected to electrodes. Electrodes typically come on these pads. This is a small pad, and this here is an example of a larger pad, both still in their packaging. You would connect the unit to those electrodes, either directly or sometimes using wires. You would then place the pads on the body. Through the electrodes, mild electrical pulses are sent through the skin and the body to the person’s spinal cord and brain."

- Evidence Based Birth


What's included in the Rental?

1 x Perfect mamaTENS
1 x Set of AA batteries
1 x Neck cord
1 x Detachable belt clip
1 x Pack electrode pads
1 x Storage pouch
1 x Instruction manual



  •  TENS during labor may help decrease pain and may increase maternal satisfaction.

  • Most people who use TENS say that they would use it again in a future labor.

  • The use of TENS delayed or postponed the use of medications for pain relief.

  • TENS applied to the lower back during labor does seem to lower pain compared to placebo or routine care.

  • One recent study that compared TENS to injectable opioids found that TENS relieved pain just as well as the injectable opioids, but without causing side effects for the mothers and babies.

  • Evidence does support the use of TENS during labor as an option for pain management.


Statement from TensCare:

"Perfect Mama and Mama+ devices are the result of many years of clinical trials and constant improvement to our original maternity TENS machines. This has allowed us to create the most user friendly and feature packed maternity TENS on the market. One in eight people use a TENS machine during labor and birth, and TensCare have remained the most trusted brand for Maternity TENS with millions sold in the last 25 years."


To learn more about TENS during pregnancy and labor, check the Evidence Based Birth article:

Perfect mamaTENS Unit Rental

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to:

    • Mantaing ten TensCare machine in good confition
    • Clean before return
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