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Waterbirths or Laboring in a pool has several benefits since the warm water in the birthing/laboring tub can help with:


  • Relaxation
  • May also trigger the release of more endorphins.
  • Improve blood flow to the uterine muscles, which can help you naturally handle labor discomfort.
  • Less pain and higher satisfaction with the birth experience
  • Less medication use for pain relief—this may be important for people who want or need to avoid epidurals or narcotic medications during labor
  • Less use of artificial oxytocin and possibly shorter labors
  • Higher rates of normal vaginal birth
  • Lower rates of episiotomy
  • Higher rates of intact perineum, especially in high-episiotomy settings
  • Possibly lower rates of severe tears (3rd or 4th degree), especially in high-episiotomy settings
  • Possibly lower rates of postpartum hemorrhage


If you want to learn more about laboring in water or waterbirths, I encourage you to read this fantastic article by Evidence-Based Birth.




Pool information:

  • Type: ‘Oasis Oval Water Birth Pool 0.38mm Eco Vinyl (phthalate-free vinyl)
    64” x 50” x 24” / 163x127x61cm
    3-ring chamber design
  • One-Way air valves for easy inflating and deflating
  • Air walls are 8" / 20cm wide
  • 3" / 8 cm inflated white floor
    Anti-slip textured top and floor 110 gallons / 416 liters


What does the rental pool include?

  • 1 Electric-powered inflation pump
  • 1 Water pump for cleanup
  • 1 Oasis Oval Sanitary Liner
  • 1 container of CAVI germicidal wipes.
  • 1 variety of sink-hose adaptors
  • 1 package of led candle lights if wanted to use to decorate your birth space.


Labor/Birth Pool Rental

  • It is the responsibility of the family to return the laboring/birthing pool:

    • Use the new and disposable liner when using the pool.
    • Completely clean (using CAVI sanitizing wipes which are provided with the rental)
    • Dry
    • In good condition
    • Stores as it was received.
    • Report any issues or damage inmmediately
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