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Wed, Sep 11


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Childbirth Pelvic Floor Preparation

Join this class to prepare for childbirth. Learn essential exercises in a supportive environment, enhance your pregnancy, and connect with fellow moms-to-be. Sign up now for a healthier birthing experience!

Childbirth Pelvic Floor Preparation
Childbirth Pelvic Floor Preparation

Time & Location

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Sep 11, 2024, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Instructors Location, 24-12 Dodu-ri, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

About the Event

Childbirth Pelvic Floor Preparation Class


Discover your pelvic floor's vital role in childbirth with this weekly class. Many expectant parents have tension or shortening on their pelvic floors, which can make the birthing process more challenging. This class excludes traditional Kegel exercises from your birth preparation routine, focusing instead on a variety of pelvic floor exercises tailored to make childbirth smoother and more comfortable.

1. Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Birth:

Dive into the functional anatomy of the pelvic floor. Learn why traditional exercises like Kegels might not be beneficial and discover effective alternatives for birth preparation. This section covers pelvic floor relaxation techniques, hip and thoracic mobility exercises, and how to alleviate tension for a smoother birth.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the pelvic floor's anatomy and function, as well as its critical role in childbirth. Discover why some common exercises are ineffective and explore superior options for strengthening your pelvic floor.

2. Thoracic Mobility Exercises

Learn exercises that enhance the mobility of your thoracic region. Since the body functions as a kinetic chain, improving thoracic mobility can positively impact your pelvic alignment and ease.

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing, Rib Mobility, and Release the Pelvic Floor

Master diaphragmatic breathing techniques that move and relax the pelvic floor. This segment teaches you how to effectively release tension using various breathing methods and positions, moving beyond the basics you see on social media.

4. Pelvic Mobility Exercises

Explore hip mobility exercises that directly influence your pelvic floor tension due to the pelvic attachment. This module helps adjust the tension and flexibility of your pelvic floor muscles through targeted movements.

5. Pelvic Floor Releases

Go beyond basic relaxation postures to learn exercises that involve various hip positions, such as wide knees, asymmetrical postures, and internal hip rotations, to reduce pelvic floor tension effectively.

6. Relaxing Your Pelvic Floor During Labor

The class concludes with strategies for releasing pelvic floor tension during labor. Gain practical tips and exercises to prepare for delivery, ensuring a smoother and more controlled birthing process.

Cost: $15 per class/weekly

Discount: $10 when you booked 6 classes 


Our weekly Pelvic Floor Childbirth Preparation Class is designed to enhance your understanding and control of the pelvic floor muscles to prepare you for childbirth and promote a healthier postpartum recovery. This class is structured to provide essential knowledge and practical exercises that ensure your pelvic floor is functional, relaxed, and strong throughout your pregnancy journey. Attend the sessions that suit your schedule and feel free to come and go as needed, but notice that these topics rotate per class/week.

Join me to empower your childbirth experience with guidance and support in a functional, flexible, welcoming environment.


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