Helping Build Better Births Through Deployment

To our dear military moms,

I am part of this wonderful organization called "Military Birth Resource Network," which started in Okinawa, Japan thanks to a visionary Doula who wanted to reach and to help the military families through their birth journey.

Recently, the organization posted a beautiful, sweet and powerful video about our military mothers and their journeys. And, this particular video spoke dearly to my heart!

Now, let me start by telling you a little story about my first birth experience.

My very first birth experience changed my life, opened my eyes to a beautiful calling, and brought me a joy in a time of wondering. It is truly why I decided to become a Doula. However, it was also a very emotional, humbling and powerful experience. It showed me how much a military family sacrifices.

After having a conversation, a very sweet couple took the decision to get pregnant and have their second child. Right after deciding and getting pregnant, they had to move to Okinawa, Japan. It was excited, but it was also hard and nostalgic for them. Both of their family's could not be near by.

Her pregnancy went great; she was truly blessed to have a healthy and very smooth pregnancy. One week before her due date, my sweet friend (who also became like a sister to me) went into labor and gave birth to a healthy and precious baby girl. However, this powerful moment happened while her husband was deployed. If I had a great number of emotions and feelings, can you imagine how she felt? No one will ever replace her beloved husband, but I believed and knew that the emotional, physical and spiritual support from someone caring, helping and supporting her was going to make a difference in her story.

The words of encouragement and support that I have for Dad are numerous too. There was not a second where I could not keep honoring this dad and man who gives his life for others and who sacrifices for the freedom of those who are oppressed. I have tears as I write this down! I was honored by the family to be the one cutting the baby’s umbilical core, but I can tell you, DAD! While I was doing it, I lifted you up in prayers and in my heart it was YOU who did it. I knew, I was not you, but I was truly honoring and representing YOU!

Military families sacrifice numerous things and constantly. Military families have to often move away from friends who became their dear family. Military marriages have to spend long periods of time apart from each other. Military spouses are more prompt to suffer from an identity crisis (I also did) because the constant movement, but yet military spouses are some of the most powerful and strong people I have ever met. Military children have to start all over again (activities, school, friends, etc). And, what can we say about our Active Duty fathers and mothers? Perhaps, they are the ones who unvoluntery missed more things on the lives of their families. These men and women are the ones who have a higher chance to miss when their children start crawling and walking, when their children start saying his/her first words, and even when their children are being born (just like in the case of this father).

This is the reason why, it is in my heart to volunteer with the families who will have their spouse deployed or TDY. It is in my heart to offer them complete and free emotional, physical and spiritual support in their journey as their Doula. Therefore, I ask you to help me help women and families who are sacrificing for others. So, if you know a pregnant woman who is currently living in Okinawa, Japan and whose husband is deployed or TDY while or for the birth of their child, PLEASE SHARE THIS with her and tell her to contact me through my website or:



Help me build better births through deployment!


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